Our restaurants

Oriental Restaurant

Les Vignes du Liban Paris

291, rue Vaugirard - 75015 Paris

This is the second restaurant of the oldest lebanese restaurant in Paris "Les Cèdres du liban".

Open since 1984 and there is Rita, mother of 7 children who receives you in a relax and family Restaurant,

You will find very attractive prices with a Price/Quality with no Competition,

The restaurant can receive 50 people, you will find in the meal our famous Mézzé (set of 10 differents entrances with the famous falafel or Hummous...),

As a decoration you have paintings of lebanese traditionnal scenes with for example how we do the Arack (Most famous lebanese drink),

You will be more than welcome ...

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beauty Institute

Institut Rita's Beauty

5 Rue Ernest Renan - 75015 Paris

Original and exclusive treatments that provide welfare and efficiency with a promise of visible and lasting results.

-Diagnosis: Diagnosis A complete beauty with suitable and avant-garde technical support.

-Prescription Formulas highly concentrated active ingredients applied in a dosage and duration in time.

Program-care professionals: changing approaches to professional care at the forefront of technology.

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